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Ultra low cost best Private Banking

If you want RGS, Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, Royal Bank or any other private banking bank in London to manage your account you have to match the private banking minimum requirements from 250 000 to 500 000 CHF/£. And even private banking clients who meet the minimum requirement will find out that they have to bear high cost and only get the mutual funds owned by the bank.

If you compare prices you find that SAMT AG offers private banking solutions for a much lower price then the classic private banking solutions.


Modular Wealth Management with Core Satellite Concept

SAMT AG offers 2 dimensions of individualisation:

For customer with different risk needs -> risk levels from 1 (lowest risk) to 20 (highest risk) with the Enduring Core Concept for accounts > 20 000 CHF For higher net worth customer -> Modular Strategy System with three main approaches adding multiple dimensions in risk and diversification for accounts > 100 000 CHF

Money kept in Segregated Accounts

Segregated accounts are accounts speperated accounts in which the customer money is hold in the name of the customer.


The SAMT broker is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA“) and provides client money and client asset services in accordance with FCA Client Assets regulations “CASS”

Proven Scientific Automated Trading Strategies and no guess work

SAMT AG follows its own scientific investment philosophy and has a track record in automated trading algorithm development.

We invest heavily in the development of automated trading software ranging from classic trading strategies, execution algorithms, optimization algorithms, stability testing tools to risk management solutions. We store stock, options and futures data on our own to ensure homogeneous data and high test quality.

Proud to be an Owner Operated and Consistently Independent Financial Advisor

We do not operate or own any financial product which we might need to sell to our customers against their interest as we are not connected with any bank or other companies.

Additional benefit is that our high net worth customer will have direct access to the individuals who own and operate the company. This is a very different experience, for instance, than if you are working with a large bank with branches in many countries. Especially if you are a higher net worth individual you will get a close relationship with the advisors who runs the programs you choose.