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9 Reasons Why You Need a Swiss Financial Advisor


A lot of investors every now and then want to step up their game and increase their annual returns. However, irony is that despite wanting to do it so badly, not a lot of them are courageous enough to actually take any bold step.

People are either in dilemma if they should wait for the big offer to come their way or wait till they are actually ready to handle something big. The downside of this entire situation is that the "right time" goes by without them noticing.

This is when you need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Is there something you are missing? Could you do better with some additional help? Well, Yes! To step up your investment game, you need a financial advisor also known as asset manager.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

Many times you may wonder, Who is a Financial Advisor and What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Financial Consultant?

Financial Advisor is an individual who works for an organization or individual to plan their financial future by providing them guidance and strategic solution on financial investments, taxes and estate planning. The role of financial planner is to educating their clients and delivering them personalized investment solutions to increase their wealth.

Why you need an Investment Advisor?

There are plenty of reasons why you need an investment advisor to manage your portfolio. Some of them are as follow:

Reason #1: Irrational Behaviour

  • Investment is all about rational decision making process. If you want your portfolio to shine then you need to make rational decisions. When it comes to rational decision making process, individual investors are at disadvantage.
  • Today, there are various investment options available in the market, which can be good or can be bad for investor. Good because the investors can invest in different things which will help them for portfolio diversification, Bad because a lot of options can cause confusion at times.
  • The individual investors usually get confused when they are presented with multiple choices, some of them being identical. Instead of making a rational choice and choosing best investment options, individual investors prefer to go with the flow of the market.
  • They don't take a moment to think what is good for their portfolio but instead they choose something just because majority of the investors are choosing it. Presence of a financial advisor can stop you from doing so.

Reason #2: People Fear to Invest

  • The excitement of gaining is always over shadowed by the fear of losing. This is one of the major reasons people are hesitant when it comes to investing their money.
  • Individual investors have tendency of reacting poorly whenever the stock market changes its pace. A lot of investors end up selling their funds at the wrong time and most of them regret it later.
  • On the other hand the investment advisor has a better understanding of how to react to the changes of the stock market. They are not compulsive decision makers and tend to stay calm under pressure.
  • Moreover, the financial advisors prefer to sell something when it is in the best interest of your portfolio and not just because they are afraid of the changes in stock market.

Reason #3: Idle Cash

  • The fear of investment is the key reason a lot of people end up with the idle cash in their portfolio which is one of the worst things to have.
  • A lot of investors prefer to keep a lot of cash with them all the time. It is absolutely fine to keep little bit cash with you to save you when it starts pouring.
  • However, keeping a lot of cash instead of doing any good to you will eventually decrease your returns. Having a financial advisor can help you to deal better with your idle cash.
  • In fact a professional financial advisor will re-invest your money every time he stumbles upon some cash in your portfolio. Lesser idle cash means you will get more returns.

Reason #4: Covering Up Your Cracks

  • There are a lot of individual investors who despite of giving everything to their portfolio are losing money. This is because they have loop holes in their investment strategies.
  • A lot of new and some old individual investors think that they have all covered. However, the lack of experience is sometimes the reason that investor have few cracks in their investment strategy which becomes the real cause of losing money.
  • They face hard time coordinating between their tax, areas that require financial planning and estate. This is the reason that you need a financial advisor who has your back. Your financial advisor can fill those cracks so that you may not lose any money in future.

Reason #5: Cashing the Big Opportunity

  • If you are an individual investor then there might have been times in your investment career when you just missed an amazing opportunity because you were not paying as much attention as you should or you didn’t think it would turn out to be this big?
  • Well, having a financial advisor handle your investment portfolio, you do not have to worry about missing anything big.
  • The financial advisor works like a hawk that has his eyes on the pace of the stock market. He keeps his eyes open so that he can act whenever there is something worth investing in.

Reason #6: Keeps You on Track

  • Every individual invest for the sake of achieving his goals. However, it is not an unusual thing for someone to get caught in life and side track. An asset manager's job is keeping his client right on track so that he can achieve his financial goals.
  • An asset manager is just like a fitness coach who tells you which exercise you should follow in order to get your desired body. Similarly, to achieve your financial goals, the asset manager’s job is to keep you on right track.

Reason #7: Helps You to Stay Unbiased

  • A common mistake made by almost every investor during early years of their investing is biasness.
  • People invest in different things that are not worth investing just because they are biases towards them, for example, your father always invested in XYZ so now you have emotions attached to it and you want to invest in it as well even if it is of no good.
  • The asset manager will always make sure that whatever you are deciding is out of your biasness. He will use his experience along with research to make big decisions for your portfolio rather than just letting your biasness get in the way of your career.

Reason #8: You Deserve A Break!

  • There is nothing wrong with handling your portfolio individually. A lot of people are doing it all around the world. So you might wonder then why do you need help?
  • Well, think for a moment about your life. There are going to be times when you want to take off and go on a vacation with your family.
  • May be one day you decide it is time to live a healthy life and work on your fitness regime. In such scenarios, you will need someone to handle your portfolio for you and this is when a financial advisor can help you the most.

Reason #9: Asks You the Hard Question

  • Nobody is very ready to make hard decisions in their life not until someone actually makes up their mind to do so.
  • A financial advisor is someone who will ask you the hard question that is important to be answered like, what are your retirement plans? Have you invested enough to secure your old life? What happens if you lose your job? Do you need to update your will?
  • As an individual, you might always feel like waiting for the right time to come. However, a good financial advisor do not waits for anything and get his job done.

Swiss Banking Secret

Switzerland is still the hub of private wealth management companies. Many international investment firms have their head office in Switzerland. There are many reasons why worldwide customers prefer Switzerland.

Swiss banking secret still exists and crime against the banking secret gets punished, as crimes according to the Article 47 of Swiss Federal Act on Banks and Savings Banks, providing customers banking data to third party can be a punishable offence as a crime sentence with of 3 years imprisonment. In addition to this the person who violates the banking secret is responsible to pay for the damages which came due to the fact that he has violated the Secret.

10 years ago these banking secrets were handled very strictly even for international customers and it was nearly impossible to get any information about money in Swiss bank accounts. Due to the fact that Switzerland has signed OECD contracts nowadays they work with foreign governments on money laundering and other heavy crimes, that means that the banking secret is not existing in the "old form" for foreign persons anymore. But still Switzerland tries to avoid giving information about foreign bank accounts and the hurdle for a foreign government to get information about a Swiss bank account is in fact very high.

It cannot be recommended to avoid tax payments or hide accounts. All accounts have to be declared correctly. If you invest in SAMT AG as an international investor SAMT AG will open an account for you with direct tax reporting and payment if this is supported by your home country.

For German investors this is a source tax reporting and direct payment to the German government. Do not worry to open an account in Switzerland, if declared in tax or the source tax is paid automatically there is absolutely no problem with it.

Swiss Investment Advisors Are Still Setting The Bar

Even without a "Real" banking secret Switzerland sets the benchmark for investment advisors and money managers. The tradition of doing things correctly and the ability to design outstanding investment process and tools stays in Switzerland.

For example, Swiss Asset Management Companies can stick to a specific code of conduct in the interest of the customer. (See SAMT AG Code of Conduct) and Swiss Wealth Managers are regulated by SRO (Self Regulation Organisations) like

SAMT AG offers a thought through money management and financial advisory process which starts with the understanding your objectives. Over our forms process we analyze your personal and financial situation to better understand your investment objectives and risk profile.

We evaluate and agree on an offering that best meets your financial goals and personal circumstances. Pursuing your objectives we implement the selected strategy (See How it works).

You can choose between different asset management strategies

  • An enduring core made out of ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) which is optimized in a way that the positions can endure for a long time. (learn more)
  • A second layer of Algorithmic Trading Strategies which add additional diversification and which are n ot correlated to the Enduring Core
  • Additional programs which are run by highly sophisticated and Professional Traders

All is coordinated by SAMT AG through a risk management tool which coordinates the risk among the different trading programs.

Learn about the benefits of being a customer of SAMT AG by clicking on one of the icons.

Read further about the 5 benefits of SAMT AG Wealth Management:

SAMT AG offers a range of benefits for a best in class Asset Management:

We are regulated and registered as Wealth Manager in Switzerland

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We have successfully developed many free diversified ETF portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with stars based on reviews.

SAMT AG Bleicheplatz 4, 8200 Schaffhausen, Switzerland +41 44 505 1169

We have successfully developed many free diversified portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with 5.00 from 5 stars based on 10 Reviews.

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