Asset-Backed Securities

Asset-backed securities (ABS)

In ABSs, risks (such as a range of receivables) are grouped together and transferred to a special purpose vehicle (SPV). The SPV finances this transaction by issuing securities backed by a pool of assets or a portfolio. If the collateral is a mortgage, this kind of instrument is called a mortgage-backed security (MBS).

The individual components of the portfolio would be unattractive or even unobtainable in this form for individual investors.

However, the composition of the portfolio makes it possible to combine together and sell a range of assets and risks. By grouping together different types of credit risk, different risk profiles can be created.

Even if a pool or portfolio is created, lack of diversification can lead to a concentration of risk.

Credit bonds securitise the risks and transfer them to third parties as credit-linked notes, collateralised debt obligations and asset-backed securities. As a result, the buyer takes on the risk associated with a loan portfolio.

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