Learn about association of certified public accountants

Why you need to pass the exam?

The reason behind assigning this designation is to make sure that everyone is meeting the professional standards set in the industry. Almost every country has a similar designation.

How to get CPA?

It is mandatory for the CPAs to have bachelors in finance, accounting or business administration. Completing 150 hours of education along with 2 years of experience in public accounting is also mandatory. To get CPA, you need to pass an exam for the certification. The requirements of certification differ in every state. However, without passing the exam or having no work experience, no one can get certified.

There is a huge range of the career options for the CPAs in public or corporate accounting. Usually, the CPAs are best known for the income tax preparation, however, they can choose to specialize in other areas including bookkeeping, managerial accounting, information technology and forensic accounting. Furthermore, the CPAs are also subject to the code of ethics.

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