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What is Capital management?

Capital management can be defined as a financial strategy which ensures maximum proficiency in an organization's cash flow.  Effective Capital management ensures that the business can manage all its debts and expenses without any risk. The basic idea is to sustain a good ratio between the organization's liabilities and assets.

Functions of Capital management

It is an approach to maintain equal and sufficient levels of current assets, working capital and current liabilities. CM is based on the careful and detailed perusal of assets and liabilities. It also involves controlling each individual component for the purpose of enhancing earnings.

Capital management is the crucial task in managing financial tasks. It incorporates management of debtor and creditor, inventory and cash. To work with effectiveness and support a firm capital management, an organization needs to efficiently maintain inventory management in order to meet its customer demands. The basic purpose of capital management is to ensure balance while maintaining working capital. It intends to keep balance by smooth out cash payment which helps to keep capitals stable.

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