What is a financial management corporation

The main aim of the Financial Management Corporation is to minimize the expenses, maximize shares in market and to maximize profits.

Maximizing the Profit:

The Financial Management Corporation aims to maximize the profit of the company and to maintain it. Three profit margin ratios; gross profit margin, net profit margin and operating profit margins are used to measure the money a company gets from its total sale.

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Maximizing Market Share:

Financial Management Corporation uses a company’s sale over a specific period of time to calculate the market share and then divides it by total sales of the industry that happen in same period of time. This method is used to get an average idea of what is company’s size compared to other competitors in the market. Companies always aim to increase their share of market, while trying to increase the size of market. Increase in the market share allows the company to operate on a greater scale which improves it profitability.

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