What is a managed trust company

What is a Managed Trust Company?

A Managed trust company acts like a custodians for the estates, trusts, custodial arrangement, stock transfer, asset management, stock transfer and other arrangements. It acts as trustee or an agent on the behalf of the business or a person for the sake of management, administration and transfer of the assets from one party to another beneficial party.

How Managed Trust Company works?

Managed trust company is not the owner of the assets that are assigned to it by its customer for the management, is assumed to have some legal obligation when it comes to taking care of the assets on the behalf of the other parties. Managed trust companies can be an associated company or a division company of the commercial bank.

Trust company services:

There is a huge range of services offered by the trust company. The most common service offered by trust company is wealth management. Asset management servies like paying bill, writing a check and some other related features are also part of services offered by managed trust companies. The size and fees of the trust companies varies on the type of company customer choose to go with.

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