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Proven Scientific Automated Trading Algorithms and no guess work

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Proven Scientific Automated Trading Strategies and no guess work

SAMT AG follows its own scientific investment philosophy and has a track record in automated trading algorithm development.

We invest heavily in the development of automated trading software ranging from classic trading strategies, execution algorithms, optimization algorithms, stability testing tools to risk management solutions. We store stock, options and futures data on our own to ensure homogeneous data and high test quality.

SAMT AG only applies proven scientific strategies and no guess work.

Read further about the 5 benefits of SAMT AG Wealth Management

SAMT AG offers a range of benefits for a best in class Asset Management:

We are regulated and registered as Wealth Manager in Switzerland

Extreme Low Prices and
No Win = No Fee

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Modular Wealth Management Strategies

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Proven Scientific Automated Trading Algorithms

SAMT AG follows its own scientific investment philosophy and has a track record in... More

Proud to be Owner Operated and Consistently Independent

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Money kept in Segregated Accounts

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