Alpha Trading

What all you need to Understand before Going for Alpha Trading

Before you indulge in alpha trading, you need to understand what it is comprised of and what it actually means.

Brief Introduction

Alpha is generally used to determine the investment’s deliverance as expected against the set standards of the market’s index usually considered as a benchmark, as they denote the market fluctuations. When an investment earns more than the set market standard, it is the alpha of the investment.


It’s frequently used for gauging mutual funds and other investments alike.

Generally denoted in singular form, alpha represents the percentage of how good or how bad an investment is performing according to the market standards. For example, if the fund has performed 5% better or 5% worse.

The risk ratios that are used to gauge fund’s performance are:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Standard Deviation
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • R - Squared

These are the indicators used to denote the risk assessment of mutual funds.


Alpha measures monetary addition or loss of certain portfolio that is not affected by the general market fluctuations. This value addition is generally done by the individual responsible for the portfolio. If the alpha is 0, that means the portfolio is performing exactly the way it was estimated.

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