American style

What are “American style” options?

“American-style” options can normally be exercised on any trading day up to the expiration date.

As far as American-style options in particular are concerned, you must also be prepared for the fact that the option may be exercised at a highly unfavourable time when the markets are against you. If you are then obliged to make physical settlement, it may be very expensive or even impossible to acquire the corresponding underlying assets.

As the writer of an American-style put option with physical settlement, you are obliged to accept the underlying assets at the strike price if the buyer exercises the option, even though it may be difficult or impossible to sell the assets and may well entail substantial losses.

Contingent options

When you buy a contingent option you must pay the premium only if the market value of the underlying reaches or exceeds the strike price during the life of the option (American-style option) or on the expiration date (European-style option).

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