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Appendix A:

What is Assets Under Management (AUM)? AUM Definition

A Brief Explanation of Assets Under Management (AUM)

In financial terms, AUM or also known as assets under management is occasionally called funds under management, evaluate the complete commercial worth of every fiscal resources which a monetary organization such as mortgages, venture capitalism as well as loan institutions supervises on behalf of its clientele and themselves.

What is Alpha Trading & How Alpha Trading Investment Works?

What all you need to Understand before Going for Alpha Trading

Before you indulge in alpha trading, you need to understand what is it comprised of and what does it actually means.

7 steps how to find a great independent financial advisor (ifa)

How can one differentiate between a great advisor and an average advisor?

An independent advisor (ifa) is someone who can influence your financial planning. His guidance and strategy is (or should be) free from any conflicts of interest.

What is AEOI-automatic-exchange-of-tax-information?


AEOI, Automatic exchange of tax information, is a standard set internationally that is used to govern how all the tax authorities that are participating, exchange the data that is related bank and to keep safe accounts of the taxpayer.

What are American Style Options & How It Works? - SAMT AG

What are “American style” options?

“American-style” options can normally be exercised on any trading day up to the expiration date.

What is an Allocation Effect

Read about what an Allocation Effect is

Measuring ability of an investment manager to allocate the assets of a fortfolio to different segments. The allocation effect determines whether the overweighting or underweighting of sectors relative to a benchmark contributes negatively or positively to an account's overall return.

What are Asset Backed Securities? ABS Definition & Example

In ABSs, risks (such as a range of receivables) are grouped together and transferred to a special purpose vehicle (SPV). The SPV finances this transaction by issuing securities backed by a pool of assets or a portfolio. If the collateral is a mortgage, this kind of instrument is called a mortgage-backed security (MBS).

What are Emerging Markets? List of World's Emerging Economies

What are emerging markets?

There is no standard definition of the term “emerging markets”. In the broadest sense it includes all economies that are not regarded as “advanced” (see 197 below). Common criteria for defining what is an emerging market are per capita income,

What is asset management

Asset Management is the term used for managing and monitoring client’s assets that are of great value.

Appendix B:

How Banking Automation Has Evolved Through Years? - SAMT AG

How Banking has evolved through Automation in all these Years?

We survive in the age of digitalization and consequently, every organization in the universal market I learning the technological advancement and the inception of automation in banking is unrivaled.


Everything important about fixed-interest bonds

Loans are bonds with a fixed interest rate. Therefore they are also called fixed-interest bonds, obligations, bonds or debentures. Swiss government loans on CHF basis are called Bundesobligationen (government bonds), German government loans are called Bundesschatzbriefe (Federal Treasury notes).

Business Broker

5 Easy Ways to Become A Successful Business Broker

Business brokers or Business Transfer Agents work as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. Privately held organizations interested in selling their process contact business brokers to process their requirement and make an acceptable agreement between the buyer and the seller. It may sound quite easy but there are few responsibilities that a business broker has to carry out.

Appendix C:

Capital Management

10 Ultimate Ways to Take Advantage of Capital Management

Capital Management or Investment Management is a process of asset management in which all securities and assets are administered to achieve the certain investment goals for the benefit of the investors of your company. Investors can be institutions or individuals who have their shared interest in the growth of your company.

What is Call Option? Rights & Duties in Options Transaction

On the other hand, there are certain types of derivatives that can require an additional outlay of capital over and above the original investment. The obligation to make such margin payments can amount to many times the purchase price of the investment.

What is a capital bank

Bank capital represents the total assets of the bank. It can be also defined as the difference between bank's liabilities and assets. Assets incorporate money, credits and securities, while liabilities include loan-loss reserves and debt amount. If the bank has more capital, it means bank has more potential to absorb losses.

Read about capital management

Capital management can be defined as a financial strategy which ensures maximum proficiency in an organization's cash flow. Effective Capital management ensures that the business can manage all its debts and expenses without any risk. The basic idea is to sustain a good ratio between the organization's liabilities and assets.

Read about capital financial

It deals with the money or possible funds that are in deposit accounts, and the substantial instruments as well as the manufactured instruments utilized in surroundings such as industries, factories, etc. Moreover, it also deals with facilities like the apparatus used for the manufacturing of the goods. The equipment utilized in the process does not count.

What is capital asset management

Capital assets can be defined as the assets that include properties such as stocks, bonds, homes and investment, etc. For businesses a capital asset can be defined as an asset which has lifespan of greater than one year and is not intended for sale amid their lifespan. It can also define as anything which one owns for investment motive. It excludes money received from the rent and from the selling of the property.

What is Collateralized Debt Obligation? CDO Definition

CDO are bonds backed by a diversified debt portfolio (mostly loans, bonds or credit default swaps). They give you access to investments that are unattractive or even unattainable for individual investors. Since CDO are often divided up into a number of tranches with differing credit risks, you can decide what credit risk you wish to take on. If a debtor in the debt portfolio experiences a credit event,

What are Credit Link Notes (CLN) & How CLN Functions?

CLN are bonds whose redemption and interest payments depend on the performance of a specific underlying or benchmark portfolio (e.g. loan, bond).

What is Cash Settlement & How Options are Settled in Cash?

When are options settled physically, and when are they settled in cash?

Where a call option provides for physical settlement, you can require the seller of the option (writer) to deliver the underlying asset when you exercise the option. With a put option, the writer is obliged to buy the underlying asset from you.

What is a Central Bank? Know How it Helps The Economy

What are the Functions of Central Bank and how does it Helps the Economy

Central bank is said to be the backbone of a nation’s economy. It stabilizes the financial state of affairs of a country’s economy through various job functions.

Clear Stream

What is Clearstream and how does it Operates

Once you are done trading on securities and other offerings, Deutsche Borse provides after trading services.

What is Core / Tier 1 Capital? Understand Why It's Necessary

What all you need to know about your Core Capital

Core capital is the bare minimum sum of principal amount that an economic depository, for example a savings bank or savings and loan organization, must make available so that it could be eligible for the set of laws implied by Federal Home Loan Bank. Core Capital comprises of declared financial storage and capital gained from equity.

What are Corporate Umbrellas? Why Reffered as Masterbrand?


Corporate umbrellas or Umbrella Brands are those companies that endow with configuration and lend reliability for other brands that comes under the parent corporation. Generally Umbrella companies are large organization with massive product lines that cater to different consumers. The product lines could get separated by the brands as well.


According to some older definitions commodities are agriculture or raw materials but nowadays the term commodity is used synonym to Futures. Typical Commodity categories are metals (like Gold, Silver, Copper, Platin, Palladium, Iron Ore, Aluminum and others), softs (agricultural products or livestock such as corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, rice, soybeans, soymeal, cattle, milk, butter, potato and pork and others), energy (like natural gas, crude oil, electricity, heating oil, gasoline), interest rate contracts (all kind of bonds like T-Bill, EuroBonds, Gilts, ...)

Learn about association of certified public accountants

CPA, Certified Public Accountant is the official designation given to people who clear a exam and also meet the requirement of work experience. This designation is given by American institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Appendix D:

Delaware Corporation

Why is Delaware Regarded as a Heaven for Corporate?

Ever wondered why Delaware has apparently more companies than residents? Because it has very commerce friendly company laws in US. Above fifty percent of the public companies and an impressive 63% of corporate giants (Fortune 500) are located in this region. The taxes levied as franchise is almost one-fifth of the income generated by the state.

"Day Trading Strategies for Beginners" explained by SAMT AG Wealth Management Company

What is Day Trading?

Day Trading can be defined as the process of purchasing and vending stocks or assets within the same day..

What is a dividend growth investor


Dividend growth investing is a mechanism which highlights the organization that consistently increases dividends (A dividend can be defined as dissemination of an organization's income to its shareholders. Dividend amount is decided by the board of directors).Dividend growth investors are enticed to those stocks which yield high profit. Dividend growth is an enormously imperative statistic for Dividend growth investors to concentrate on. The procedure concentrates on increasing dividend amount over an extended timeframe that is mostly ten years.

Appendix E:

What is an escrow company


A financial arrangement, in which the third party holds the payment while the transaction is being finalized between two parties, is known as Escrow. Escrow is a way of making transaction secure by simply keeping the funds in escrow account. The funds are released once all the terms of the agreement are met. The escrow companies are responsible for holding and regulating the funds.

Appendix F:

Roles and Responsibilities of Mortgage or Finance Broker

Role and Responsibility of Finance Broker

A business Financial Broker or mortgage broker focuses to control and improvise funds from an investor to a profit making business firm.


What are Futures and for what are they used for

Futures contracts are used by producers and industrial companies to ensure or lock prices in the future. Let us assume you are a producer of breakfast cereals and you have a long term contract with a supermarkt chain. As a producer you are interested to keep your prices on a constant level to avoid to raise prices in the future. For this reason you can buy a corn Futures contract today with the price of 353 bp for 5.000 bushels (~ 127 Metric Tons), for example with a delivery date of August 2017, March 2018, August 2018 ...

What is FATCA the foreign account tax compliance act by IRS


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act also known as FATCA, is a independent US tax law. The main aim of this law is to curtail the potential evasion of the tax by the US taxpayers. FATCA aims for all the financial institutes around the globe. It requires all the institutes to provide the information about the supposed US accounts to the tax authorities of the US. There is a pressure to comply due to the penalty of 30% withholding tax on the income that is earned from the US securities....

What is a family office advisory


The private advisory firms that manage wealth for the huge net worth investor are known as Family Office.....

What is a financial management corporation


Application of the financial principles in a corporation in order to create as well as maintain the value through proper resources management and decision making, is known as Financial Management Corporation......

Appendix G:

Global Trading / International Trade Benefits - SAMT AG

Global Trading and What it Offers

With the leverage provided by increasing consistency in trading along with the technological advancement, the gates of Global trading or as it also known as international trading is catching pace.

Know about CME Globex: The Largest Global Trading Platform

All you need to Know about CME Globex: The Largest Global Trading Platform

CME Globex is the largest platform of electronic financial trading today. CME or as we know it as “The Merc” has the largest number of contract trading in the world.

What is global capital investment


Global capital investment is the type of funds investment in which firm aims to further develop their objectives. The term is also used to refers to firm’s owning fixed or capital assets which includes manufacturing of the machinery or plans that might turn out to be more productive in coming years. There are various sources of global capital investments which include banks, equity investors, financial institutions, angel investors and venture capital.

What is goodwill and how it is affected by intangible assets


An intangible asset which is result of a company’s acquisition of another company for the premium value is known as Goodwill. There are few things that represent Goodwill which includes solid customer base, good relations with employees, good relations with customers, proprietary or patents technology and value of the brand name of company. Since it is not a physical asset which is why Goodwill is known as an intangible asset.

Appendix H:

5 Easy Points To Keep in Mind When Homes For Sale By Owner

Few Important points to keep in mind for Homes for sale by owner

Homes For Sale By Owner is the procedure of advertising real estate without any assistance from a real estate representative.

Appendix I:

7 steps how to find a great independent financial advisor (ifa)

How to separate between a great and an average financial advisor

Checklist on how to separate between a great and an average financial advisor (ifa).

Why Using Inventory Companies Can Be Useful For Your Business

How an Inventory Company can be Useful for your Business

Inventory companies, also known as shell companies, are such non-trading organizations that act as a catalyst for financial operations of a business but does not owns any considerable assets or business process.

How to Start Investing Online in the Best Way Possible

Know How to Invest Online in the Best Way Possible

When you plan to invest online in stock trading, you ought to understand the few basic fundamentals of online stock trading.

Islami Bank Article

Islami Bank: The Most Successful Bank Of Bangladesh

Islami Bank is the biggest and highest performing institutions in Bangladesh. It is also one of the most profitable organizations of the country and can be compared to the magnitude of Pakistan’s AlliedBank and Vietnam’s Asia Commercial Bank. In approximately every five years it has multiplied its growth almost..

Capital Protection / Capital Guarantee Fixed By Issuer

Creation and placement of securities in the primary market

It is extremely important to find out exactly what the risks are before acquiring a product of this kind. This information can be found in, for example, the issue documents or the product description concerned.

What is Issuer / Credit Risk? Definition & Explanation


You bear the risk that the debtor of a structured product may become insolvent (issuer risk). The instrument’s value is therefore dependent not only on the performance of the underlying asset but also on the creditworthiness of the issuer, which may change over the term of the structured product.

Appendix J:

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Appendix K:

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Appendix L:

What are Low Hangers? How Useful Those Can Actually Be

How Useful a Low Hanger or Low Hanging Fruit can actually be

Imagine a tree full of fruits. Which ones do you expect to be consumed first? The low hanging ones. As an allegory, it is used to refer to the easiest method to achieve desired results. For example, in the realm of client servicing,

What is Leverage Effect In The Context of Options?


The price of an option is closely linked to that of the underlying asset. Any change in the market value of the underlying asset will result in a greater change in the price of the option. This is termed the leverage effect. It means you participate disproportionately in any rise or fall in the market value of the underlying asset.

Appendix M:

Know What's The Influence of Main Street in Today’s World

The Influence of Main Street in Today’s World

When we imagine Wall Street, what come to the mind are the Giant Stock Trading companies. But what is the opposite of “Wall Street”? Logically it may be someone not into stock trading.

Easy Tricks to Understand Mathematician Betting Strategies

Ultimate tricks for Understanding Mathematician Betting

There has been much uproar about the new form of horse betting known as Mathematician Betting but what is it actually and what does it offers is of primary importance.

What is a managed trust company


A Managed trust company acts like a custodians for the estates, trusts, custodial arrangement, stock transfer, asset management, stock transfer and other arrangements. It acts as trustee or an agent on the behalf of the business or a person for the sake of management, administration and transfer of the assets from one party to another beneficial party.

All about managed forex account


The forex managed accounts are the accounts in which the funds are managed by the money manager on the behalf of the client. The money manager’s charges a fee for operating the forex managed accounts. These accounts are like hiring some investment advisor who manages investment account of bonds and equities. Fees and the returns between the forex managed accounts vary a huge amount. This is the reason it is wise to research all your options before hiring a professional manager to manage your funds.

What is Margin Requirements? How It Works in Options Trading


When you buy or sell (short) an underlying asset on the futures market, you must supply a specified initial margin when entering into the contract. This is usually a percentage of the total value of the contracted instruments. In addition, a variation margin is calculated periodically during the life of the contract.

What is a Market Risk & How It Can Affect You - SAMT AG

Because there is little or no supervision of financial markets in emerging market nations, regulation, market transparency, liquidity and efficiency are often inadequate. Moreover, high volatility and large price differences are characteristic of these markets. Finally, the inadequacy or absence of regulatory measures gives rise to an increased danger of market manipulation or insider trading.

Mortgage Company Article

Mortgage Companies or Mortgage Banks: The Creators of Credit

Any organization involved in the trade of originating or raising funds for mortgages for housing or saleable property.

Appendix N:

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Appendix O:

Understand Offshore Company Formation, Set Up & Services

What is an Offshore Company and its Offerings

Offshore holding companies or offshore company incorporations are generally utilized in at least two different and distinct methods. An offshore business may be used to indicate any organization or company or any other alike legal unit which is commenced in

Know What are The Challenges Faced by Oil and Gas Industry

Oil Industry and the Challenges Faced

Oil industry has served as the backbone of energy sector for ages. Oil and gas has been vital sources of energy ever since the advantages of these natural resources have been recognized. As Naturally extracted energy resources,

Learn Everything about Out of The Money (OTM) Call Options

Learn Everything about “Out of The Money” or OTM Call

Out of the money or as it is called as OTM is a terminology usually describes a call option that has a strike price set much higher point in comparison to the commercial price of the primary asset. An OTM call does not have any fundamental worth but is

Appendix P:

Pacific Exchange of Equity & Option Formation & Current Status

The Formation and Current Status of Pacific Exchange

Until 2001, California has its provincial stock exchange known as Pacific Exchange. It was incorporated in California with its primary location being San Francisco in California and its branch was situated in Los Angeles.

What is Prime Broker / Bank? Know Their Services & Brokerage Fees

What all You Need to Know about Prime Bankers

Prime broker or Prime Bank is the term generally used for organizations dealing in Securities and investment who recommend a pack of services to credit finance required to lend liquid assets and securities on a certain base to attain supreme proceeds.

What are property inventories


Property Inventories are a written total of all the personal property a tax payer owns. Property Inventories also refer to the total amount that was paid to buy each item as well as current value of the property. The main use of the Property Inventories is to keep a record or to calculate how much the tax payer gained or loss on the sale of a property. They are also used to report the insurance companies regarding the loss of the property. It is very wise of a taxpayer to keep his property inventory in a safe place like keeping it in a bank deposit and should not be make it public information.

Idea Behind Property Inventory & How It's Services Work

The Idea behind Property Inventory and What Does it Means

A complete assessment of a person’s current net worth to ascertain the worth of the property owned. Property inventory will also indicate the amount shelled out for each item and when the payment was done and it also estimates the current value of that product in market. This kind of inventory is generally used to report cases

The Inside-Out Story of Proprietary Trading Firms

The inside-Out of Proprietary Trading Firms

A firm can also trade with its own capital to generate revenue through fiscal instruments. It is called Proprietary Trading. Firms that involve in such business processes are called Proprietary Trading Firms.

Appendix Q:

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Appendix R:

Real estate crowdfunding

How Real Estate Crowdfunding has Restored the Faith of Investors

Crowd funding in Real estate is an online procedure of collecting capital from qualified investors in order to finance mortgages safeguarded through real estate mechanisms, they raise funds for properties that are destroyed, discarded as well as equity for marketable and housing ventures, acquiring loads of torn down mortgages,

What is a rainmakers

Who is a Rainmaker?

A person who brings money, clients or even respects to the organization on the basis of his/her association is known as a rainmaker. In simple terms, the rainmaker are the people in a company who brings in business. They are the reason behind big money and big revenues. Traditionally, the rainmaker was the term which was used for people of legal professions such as attorneys who turned into politicians by retiring from their public life and going into practicing law at the firms recognized at the national level.

Appendix S:

What Is a Spread Trade & What Are The Benefits of It?

What is a spread?

n finance, a spread trade (also known as relative value trade) is the simultaneous purchase of one security and sale of a related security, called legs, as a unit. Spread trades are usually executed with options or futures contracts as the legs, but other securities are...

What is Settlement arrangement?

What is Settlement arrangement?

The debt Settlement arrangement is the option available for the individuals who have some unsecured debts such as personal loans, utility bills, bill of credit card over 20,000 euro and retail expenses. The Settlement arrangement is designed in order to help the individuals dealing with serious financial problems by providing with opportunities to settle all their debts without taking any type of legal action. The Settlement arrangement is only applicable to people who have genuine financial issues or have zero resources to pay their unclear debt. Using Settlement arrangement helps them to clear from all debts and take a fresh start.

Swiss offshore company and Licensebox USR III rules

What is an Offshore Company?

To understand what Offshore Company is, first it is important to understand what is offshore? Offshore is anything that is based or located outside the national boundaries of an individual. Offshore is a term which is used to explain the corporations, foreign banks, deposits and investments. An Offshore Company are type of company that is functional with the main purpose of avoiding tax.

Understand What is Short Selling & How To Short a Stock?

For persons not involved in Trading the concept of short selling might sound complex but in fact it is not complex. You simply sell something what you buy back later.

Appendix T:

Trust Company

The Essentials and Mechanism of a Trust Company

A trust company is like an Asset manager of the firm. It takes the responsibility of fiscal asset management of the owner.

What are the best tax minimization strategy

What is Tax Minimization?

Tax Minimization is a way minimizing the annual tax on one’s business or property. People with huge income in order to avoid tax opt for the Tax Minimization. The Tax Minimization Strategy is a key part of wealth planning process. Different strategies are used by people for the Tax Minimization.

Appendix W:

What is a wealth creation advisors

Who are wealth creation advisors?

Creation of wealth takes time and efforts. To increase the net worth of an individual seeking help from wealth creation advisors is a common practice. The Wealth creation advisors are professionals who are capable of finding legal and effective means for the investors through which they can increase their wealth. There are some tips suggested by wealth creation advisors, some of them are as follow:

What is a wealth management advisors

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth Management is a professional service that is a combination of investment and financial advice, tax services and accounting, retirement plans and estate planning. The client works with only one Wealth Management manager. The Wealth Management manager coordinates all the input from the financial experts and also coordinates with the advices from attorney, insurance agent and accountants of the client. There are some Wealth Management managers who provide additional banking services as well.

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