Creation and placement of securities in the primary market

It is extremely important to find out exactly what the risks are before acquiring a product of this kind. This information can be found in, for example, the issue documents or the product description concerned.

Capital Protection Products

What types of capital protection are there?

Some structured products offer capital protection. The level of this protection is fixed by the issuer when the product is issued and indicates the percentage of the nominal value that will be repaid to the investor on expiration. However, capital protection generally only applies at the end of the term and may, depending on the product conditions, be (far) lower than 100% of the invested capital.

What does the capital protection relate to?

The capital protection is linked to the nominal value rather than the issue price or purchase price. Hence, if the issue/purchase price you pay exceeds the nominal value, only the nominal value is capital-protected. The protection of your capital outlay drops accordingly. If, however, the issue/purchase price is less than the nominal value, the protection of your capital outlay rises accordingly.

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