Cash Settlement

When are options settled physically, and when are they settled in cash?

Where a call option provides for physical settlement, you can require the seller of the option (writer) to deliver the underlying asset when you exercise the option. With a put option, the writer is obliged to buy the underlying asset from you.

If an option provides for cash settlement, you are only entitled to a sum of money corresponding to the difference between the strike price and the current market value of the underlying asset.

How is the transaction settled?

If you do not close out the contract prior to the expiration date, you and the counterparty must settle it.

If the underlying in your contract is a physical asset, settlement is achieved by physical delivery or a cash payment. Generally, the asset is physically delivered. Only in exceptional cases do the contract provisions or stock exchange practice call for cash settlement. All other fulfilment specifications, especially the definition of the place of fulfilment, can be found in the relevant contract provisions.

The difference between physical delivery and cash settlement is that with physical delivery, underlyings amounting to the entire contractual value must be delivered, whereas with cash settlement, only the difference between the agreed price and the market value on settlement needs to be paid. This means that you need more funds available for physical delivery than for cash settlement.

With commodity futures, you may receive physical delivery of the commodity concerned on expiration, while structured products normally provide for cash payment. If you prefer cash settlement, you will have to sell the futures before their expiration date. Such products are therefore more risky than, for instance, equities or collective investments.


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