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How Asset Manager and clients get successful together in Wealth Management

What is the number one rule to gain success; win the trust of your investor!

As long as the chosen trading strategy runs well and profits flow in there is not much to discuss from the client with the asset manager. Making profits it is what you hire an asset manager for and you might not even be interested in what your asset manager is doing as long as the profit flows in and everything runs well.


Ultimate Overview of Different Types of Capital Investments Such as Real Estate, Gold & Stock Investment

Types of Capital Investment Options from Property to Gold and Stocks

Even our grandparents saved their money first and foremost in the proverbial money sockand perhaps a little later in a savings account. Interest rates were low but it was a very safe investment. Meanwhile, interest rates, however, have dropped so low that everyone is aware that a savings account cannot really be a reasonable investment.


Secret Why Funds Always Invest Their Money in Active Investment

Why Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Real Estate and Equity Funds Prefers Active Investment?

Since the dawn of the International Stock Markets, investors have been trying to generate returns by investing in individual stocks, commodities or in Government Bonds. In most cases, this is an Active Asset Management that uses the active form of financial investments.


What the Rating of a Mutual Fund tell about its Future Performance and how to find the best performing Mutual Funds

Do you know how most of the investors select the Mutual funds ?

Well, the go with old school method of checking the ratings. Yes, to investors ratings and number of stars mutual funds have still matter a great deal.


When will the days of passive wealth management be over

Passive Asset Management with Robo Advisors 1.0 is on the rise

Robo Advisors 1.0 are on the rise since 2010. They have a very simple concept: "Buy the broad market as cheap as possible" and this concept has worked well since the end of the financial crisis in 2009.


What are Exchange Traded Funds and How does ETF's Work?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange Traded Funds Definition: Exchange Traded Funds, commonly known as ETFs, are the most marketable funds that are capable of tracking a commodity, an index, bonds and even index funds that happen to be a basket of the assets.


11 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Making Capital Investment

How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes During Financial & Capital Investments

Banks and Big Financial Institutions are always in the financial markets to provide capital or to invest their own capital. But for many years these opportunities are also increasingly being used by individual investors, who wish to generate either a passive income or who are looking for an investment or a hedge for the future.


How to Avoid Losing Your Hard-Earned Money by Market Timing

Common Mistakes Made By Investors:

One of the most common mistakes that every investor makes once in his/her life is to time market. Neither investors, nor individuals, in fact no one is lucky or smart enough to make perfect calls every time. There is hardly any consistency in the decisions that are made by anyone.


11 Habits Of Successful Investors - Strategic Asset Management

Habit no. 1:

Make a binding commitment.

There are three options that every investor can use to make binding commitment.


How to Invest Your Money in Best Performing Investment Funds

Introduction to Investment Funds

Investment Funds are pooled or cooperative investment vehicles where all the money from all the individual investors is put together under the name of the Funds. The Investment Fund owns the money of the Investors and the Investment Fund has a liability against the individual investor. This is in opposite to the segregated funds or segregated investment where each investment is kept under the name of the investor and it is not allowed to...


11 Most Important Concepts Of Behavioral Finance Theory

Behavioural Finance

Behavioral finance is a famous field of the finance that suggests the theories based on psychology (psychology finance or behavioral economics) in order to explain the concept of stock market anomalies which includes extreme rise and fall in the prices of stock market. The behavioral finance suggests that the structure of the information ..


Compare Investment in Cash vs. A Diversified Investment

What is Idle Funds?

There is a huge population of people who are not familiar with the term “Idle Funds”. For people, cash means currency or any security which is equivalent to the cash. The Idle Funds basically is the money that is kept as saving and is not invested.


9 Reasons Why You Need a Swiss Financial Advisor

A lot of investors every now and then want to step up their game and increase their annual returns. However, irony is that despite wanting to do it so badly, not a lot of them are courgestous enough to actaully take any bold step. People are either in delimma if they should wait for the big offer to come their way or wait till they are actually ready to handle something big.


Tips To Get Best Return On Investment Doing Nothing Like Warren Buffet

You must have heard infinite time that investing is all about taking risks. However, have you ever come across someone saying that doing nothing is the best risk for your investment portfolio to get high investment returns?


Real Estate Investment Strategies for Beginners explained by SAMT AG Asset Management Company


In recent decades capital has increasingly been invested in real estate. Investing in real estate offers profound ways to make money. But on the con site the acquisition and possession of multi-family apartments, tenements and land is much more labor-intensive than investing in Stocks and Bonds.


Retirement Pension Systems In The EU [European Union]

A common observation about people all over the world is that they make various efforts to find the best investment vehicle for themselves. They do research on; which investment vehicle will bring in short term benefits, how to secure their loved one's life once they are no more there to look after them.


How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? Best retirement planning Tips.

This Quick Guide to Retirement Savings aims to introduce how much to save for retirement in Europe and around the globe and presents several practical aspects.


Why dividend collectors usually achieve less return

If you believe the blogs about dividends, then dividends appear the easiest way to really get passive income. Financial freedom with dividends or similar slogans are repeated mantra-like.


SAMT AG's Code of Professional Conduct

SAMT AG is following this Code of Professional Conduct. The code of conduct is developed by the PolyReg General Self-Regulatory Organisation and you can read the document here or in the PolyAsset Internet.


Special Risks in Securities Trading

Since 1 February 1997, commercial trading in securities is governed by the Stock Exchange Act (Swiss Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading of 24 March 1995). The Act requires securities dealers to inform their clients about types of transaction and investments that may involve special risks. This brochure contains information about these risks.


We have successfully developed many free diversified ETF portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with stars based on reviews.

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We have successfully developed many free diversified portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with 5.00 from 5 stars based on 10 Reviews.

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