What is goodwill and how it is affected by intangible assets

What is Goodwill ?

An intangible asset which is result of a company’s acquisition of another company for the premium value is known as Goodwill. There are few things that represent Goodwill which includes solid customer base, good relations with employees, good relations with customers, proprietary or patents technology and value of the brand name of company. Since it is not a physical asset which is why Goodwill is known as an intangible asset.

Goodwill and your business:

Goodwill is an intangible asset and can be anything like Trademark, Copyrights and Patents. Calculating the value of Goodwill is not a difficult thing if your intangible assets are protected through the patents and trademark.


Words, pictures, symbols or combination of these three things that is used on a large scale to distinguish services or goods of one company from another.

Copy rights:

Aims on protecting any literary, dramatic, artistic or even musical work. Different tools that are used in order to promote any business are also part of this group.


Creating any type of new technology or improving any already existing technology that is known as invention.

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