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Get your money managed with leading scientific models

SAMT AG Asset Management Approach

We have re-invented wealth management with a structured process and low fees.

Our basic idea is very simple, we offer high class scientific wealth management in a modular system at competitive price points:

  • Module 1 (ETF Enduring Core):

    A scientific based passive investment program for accounts over 20K CHF with dramatically low cost of 0,48% per year (learn more)

  • Module 2 (Algo Trading):

    Alternative investment program for accounts over 100 K CHF where you pay only if we are successful (learn more)

  • Module 3 (Portfolio Advisors):

    A selection of the most sophisticated and extensive international investment managers working for you on a no-profit = no-fee basis (learn more)

All programs can be used together in a modular strategy system and are controlled by our risk management system.

SAMT AG - Modular Strategy System

They fit together in a modular system and are controlled by the SAMT AG risk management.

  • SAMT ETF Enduring Core:

    Is the core strategy module offering a superior risk to return ratio through diversification. Read more about the ETF Enduring Core.

  • SAMT Algo Trading:

    Is the second module and has nearly no correlation to the ETF Enduring Core. The strategy is based on Spreads between natural resources which appear due to seasonal effects. Read more about SAMT Algo Trading alternative investment strategies.

  • Portfolio Advisors:

    Is the third module where your account is traded with the concept and agreement of a high end portfolio manager under our supervision and our risk and money management. We research the best money managers and screen them through a systematic screening process. Read more about the Module 3 Portfolio Advisor.

All three asset management modules fit together and are controlled by our proprietary risk management approach. This combination offers you to participate in the broad market development with an enduring core investment which does not need to be changed over years and in additional modules like the algo trading alternative investment approach and different individual approaches from portfolio advisors as satellite investments.

With the core program you build wealth and you can just transfer any amount to your investment with SAMT AG and we will adjust your portfolio according to your risk profile on a regular base. The core program is tax optimized for most European investors, for example it uses UCIT ETFs and tries to avoid investments in US ETF with US withholding tax or other tax negative investments.

Read further about the 5 benefits of SAMT AG Wealth Management:

SAMT AG offers a range of benefits for a best in class Asset Management:

We are regulated and registered as Wealth Manager in Switzerland

Extreme Low Prices and
No Win = No Fee

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