Invest Online

After you have finally decided to purchase or sell a certain stock on an online trading website, your order will be generally completed within a few seconds. But before the completion of the transaction, it travels through a trading system that is secure and much upgraded.

How does the system work ?

After you have placed your order, it is positioned in a database. This database in return searches all the various stock markets including NASDAQ and NYSE and ties to locate the best value available. After the database runs its algorithm and the order is successfully matched, the platform will send verification message to both buyer and seller. After all this, the regulatory authorities are informed about the quote and the transaction is displayed to all investors. If you are trading in NASDAQ, it keeps the record of the transactions in case you need to recheck history.

After your transaction is completed, the agent will have 3 days in order to trade with cash and move over for settlement. The money is then officially transferred into your account.


There are various trustworthy sources for investing online but make sure you do your own part of critical research to avoid any fraudulent activities.

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