Proud to be Owner Operated and Consistently Independent

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Proud to be an Owner Operated and Consistently Independent Financial Advisor

We do not operate or own any financial product which we might need to sell to our customers against their interest as we are not connected with any bank or other companies.

Additional benefit is that our high net worth customer will have direct access to the individuals who own and operate the company. This is a very different experience, for instance, than if you are working with a large bank with branches in many countries. Especially if you are a higher net worth individual you will get a close relationship with the advisors who runs the programs you choose.

You will be able to use the SAMT portfolio creation process to determinate your needs and develop a portfolio which fits to your needs.

As high net worth client will receive regular updates from your SAMT. These updates shouldn't just take the form of a list of securities and performance figures, but a phone call at least once or twice each year to determine if your circumstances have changed and if you are satisfied with the performance of your portfolio.


Our ProvenExpert Score speaks for itself. You can trust us. Need we say more?

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We have successfully developed many free diversified ETF portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with 5.00 stars based on 10 reviews.