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Low Hangers

How Useful a Low Hanger or Low Hanging Fruit can actually be

Imagine a tree full of fruits. Which ones do you expect to be consumed first? The low hanging ones. As an allegory, it is used to refer to the easiest method to achieve desired results. For example, in the realm of client servicing, a low hanger would be to provide services to a person who is already extremely delighted with his present services. Hassle free and easily achievable targets are low hangers in corporate world.

Who are the Low Hangers

To make you even a clearer picture of a low hanger, imagine a seller who has acquired many prospective clients but one of them seems to be more impressed than the others. If the seller directs all his endeavors towards the most impressed one, he is opting for the low hanger.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cherry Picking Consumers

Well as stated by Newton, every action has an equal or opposite reaction, opting for low hangers can be incredible in short run but it can give you serious challenges in a long haul. In short run, if a person focuses on cherry picking consumers, incredible results can be achieved and missions can be accomplished. But we must not forget that such clients are uncommon. Focusing only on low hangers can result in failure of target achievement and doubling the effort in the long run by exhausting the easy client list.


Low hangers or low hanging fruits could be irresistible and can boost your performance when focused on but it can also hamper your growth when you might need some aid from your Client wish-list.


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