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Main Street

The Influence of Main Street in Today’s World

When we imagine Wall Street, what comes to the mind are the Giant Stock Trading companies. But what is the opposite of “Wall Street”? Logically it may be someone not into stock trading.

The answer is “Main Street”.

Who are they?

Main Street means the main commercial street of any village or town but in the World of Investment, it is different. Main Street is the expression used for general economy that includes everyone. It could be even someone with minimal or no awareness of stock trading. The category includes all the lone investors, shareholders, stakeholders and everyone in general who are not associated with the “Wall Street”.

Main Street Vs Wall Street

Wall Street is the term used for fiscal markets, massive trading institutions and the elite and highly paid white collar employees. Both the factions have their own missions to achieve, the level of information and knowledge, political influence and varied significance levels. The interests of both the groups are always at a conflict. Employment safety and remuneration are the two major war areas.


Independent small trades or stand alone investment organizations are also referred as Main Street trades as they do not qualify either in size of operation or global influence in comparison to the Wall Street firms. Wall Street firms are the giant multinational corporations that are distinguished across the globe. They are larger investors with huge scale of operation and huge assets. While the Main Street traders are small scale business people with more customized offerings.


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