An Enduring Core Portfolio Asset Management Strategy
is our answer to zero interest and market risks

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Investment in a diversified ETF portfolio based on Markowitz Modern Portfolio Theory

We have modernized the modern portfolio theory (r). SAMT AG's long-term and lasting core strategy (module 1) is designed in such a way that the positions do not have to be changed for a long period of time. Under normal circumstances, the re-investment of the dividends is sufficient to adjust the assets to a changing market.

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The graph above shows how our wealth management approach works.

We choose and combine ETF in a way that the result of the combination delivers a superior risk to profit profile compared to a single ETF. Other asset managers might offer diversified products but the combination we provide can only be developed with sophisticated optimization algorithms

SAMT AG has developed Scientific concepts


Graph shows Dow Jones Dividend ETF and SAMT core portfolio

This graphs shows the Dow Jones US Select Dividend and the SAMT core portfolio from late 2010 to late 2016. Both have the same Performance but the difference can be seen in August 2015 in the so called "Greece selloff".

SAMT ETF Enduring Core Behaviour at the Greece Selloff


The chart shows the behavior of the SAMT Enduring Core and a Dow Jones ETF during the "Greek selloff" which began August 18, 2015 ( see Wikipedia )

While the Dow Jones has lost 531 points (3.12% at the closing bell on 21. August 2015) the SAMT Enduring Core ETF has lost nearly nothing. This is due to the way we build and optimize the SAMT Enduring Core. Due to perfect diversification which is built to last and endure over many years in the market the SAMT portfolio behaves more stable than other options.

Keep in mind that the SAMT Enduring Core is not optimized in a way that it reacts active to stocks or bonds market movements and changes the composition of the portfolio. It is optimized in a way that it endures without any changes in bad and in good times. While other asset managers try to time the market and might miss market moves or over optimize our asset management approach is made to endure through the times without any changes.

The above chart shows the 20 SAMT portfolios. The X-axis depicts the risk levels whereas the Y-axis shows the percent split of each ETF. A higher area means more proportion in the Portfolio at that risk level. Low risk funds include bonds whereas high risk funds include MDAX, TecDAX, Dow Jones and Real estate ETF.

Low Risk Portfolios v/s High Risk Portfolios: It can be seen that in  low risk portfolios  the proportion/percent split ( area ) of low risk funds is more than the high risk funds. Whereas in high risk portfolios the proportion of high risk funds is more than the low risk funds.

The portfolios recommended by SAMT AG are diversified and optimized using scientific approach. The superiority of our proposed portfolios can be visually seen in the following figure. A comparison is drawn between SAMT AG diversified portfolio  ( see the red proposed portfolio ) and a single fund. It can be seen that the return of SAMT AG portfolio is very much comparable to one of the highest return producing ETF tacking the Dow Jones.

In fact, in after years ( e.g. 2014 2015 ) the portfolio was performing even better than individual fund. But the superiority of SAMT AG portfolio is not the comparable return but is rather the highly reduced risk. It can be seen in the risk-return comparison figure that the SAMT AG portfolio has at much lower risk than the individual constituent funds. Any investor would be happy to invest his money in the portfolio which gives similar profits but has much lower risk levels.

Science can make a difference in trading. SAMT AG is a blog made by Scientific Algorithm Developers and not by some sales persons. Use our free portfolio tool to develop a better portfolio. The entire research staff of SAMT AG has PhDs in their respective fields. The portfolios are constructed by human experts and are optimized using sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

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Our ProvenExpert Score speaks for itself. You can trust us. Need we say more?

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We have successfully developed many free diversified ETF portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with 5.00 stars based on 9 reviews.


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