Pacific Exchange

The Formation and Current Status of Pacific Exchange

Until 2001, California has its provincial stock exchange known as Pacific Exchange. It was incorporated in California with its primary location being San Francisco in California and its branch was situated in Los Angeles.

How was it Created ?

During 1956, a stock exchange (San Francisco Stock and Bond Exchange) and an oil exchange (Los Angeles Oil Exchange) merged with each other, forming a new identity known as Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. Since it was a merger of both exchanges, hence the trading buildings continued its operations in both places. in 1973, it changed to Pacific Stock Exchange and resumed trading in 1976.

It was the first exchange to get demutualized in 1999. Both of its operating buildings were closed in 2001 and 2002 respectively. In 2005, pacific exchange was purchased by the owner of Archipelago Holdings and merged its operation with NYSE in 2006.

Today no trading is done under the name of Pacific Exchange and it takes place through NYSE Arca.

Existing Scenario

Pacific Exchange ran its operations from 1931 to 1986. All the Pacific Exchange’s Equity & Option business currently conducted entirely through the NYSE Arca, a platform and a communication network that works electronically. Hence Pacific Exchange equities and option is now NYSE Arca equities and options.

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