What is a rainmakers

Who is a Rainmaker?

A person who brings money, clients or even respects to the organization on the basis of his/her association is known as a rainmaker. In simple terms, the rainmaker are the people in a company who brings in business. They are the reason behind big money and big revenues. Traditionally, the rainmaker was the term which was used for people of legal professions such as attorneys who turned into politicians by retiring from their public life and going into practicing law at the firms recognized at the national level.

What secrets Rainmakers use?

A rainmaker is someone who has extra set of skills when it comes to dealing with new people. Being the expert of their work, they know how to win over their customers. A rainmaker never blindly goes in to pitch a sale. There is a lot of thorough pre-call planning and homework involved in each and every decision they make. For a sale call of 5 minutes, there are weeks and weeks of pre-call homework and planning. The rainmaker dollarize! They do not sell services or product but instead they sell dollarized value that the customer will get from product benefits.

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