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Real estate crowdfunding

How Real Estate Crowdfunding has Restored the Faith of Investors

Crowd funding in Real estate is an online procedure of collecting capital from qualified investors in order to finance mortgages safeguarded through real estate mechanisms, they raise funds for properties that are destroyed, discarded as well as equity for marketable and housing ventures, acquiring loads of torn down mortgages, residential properties transactions and alike real estate projects alike . Such investments are performed on platforms that are electronically mechanized and are available to only endorsed or certified traders. There are over 75such operational platforms in USA.

Inception of Real Estate Crowdfunding

All across the world, real estate crowd funding has increased due to the tendency of traders throughout the world. 2014 & 2015 saw a surge in the growth of electronically operated platforms in almost all parts of the world, for example, Middle – eastern regions, Europe, etc.

Before the enactment of JOBS Act Title II, it was primarily done to raise funds for huge residential estates or retailing properties. And that was primarily received from loans or individual social connections.

First Ten Platforms in USA

The Initial ten Platforms which facilitate Crowdfunding in real estate:

  • aCrowd
  • CCFG Investments
  • Carlton Accredited Equity
  • American Homeowner Preservation
  • CrowdStreet
  • Asset Avenue
  • Blackhawk Investments
  • Creative Equity Group
  • CrowdMason
  • American Colonial Capital Fund

Real estate has always been one of the most attractive subjects for investing. Many traders opt to invest in real estate since they claim it to be safer than other fields for investing. Crowdfunding has awakened the interest for investing in real estate for many interested traders.


There are many amazing fiscal benefits that could be reaped through Crowdfunding in real estate. It is expanding very rapidly and we expect to see improved Crowdfunding strategies in coming years.


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