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We are a Consistently Independent
Efficient Team of Scientists

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SAMT AG in the city of Schaffhausen Switzerland is a AG or "Aktiengesellschaft", the Swiss and German form of a public company based on shares. SAMT AG is domiciled and registered in the Swiss commercial register of the canton of Schaffhausen ( see commercial register ) and the registered purpose of the company is Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Wealth Management and Tax Advisory.

The SAMT Aktiengesellschaft is completely independent and operated and owned by the management team. No bank or fund has a stake or board seat in SAMT AG and SAMT trades as a completely legally and operationally independent unit with their own self developed trading strategies.

SAMT AG is a member of the self-regulatory organization Polyreg, accredited by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ( FINMA ). Polyreg supervised SAMT AG pursuant to Art. 24 of the Swiss Money Laundering Act. Through membership in Polyreg SAMT AG is authorized to act as a financial intermediary as defined in Article 2, paragraph 3 of the Money Laundering Act. The validity of the membership can be verified by this Certificate.

As an Asset Management company SAMT AG has mandated itself voluntary under the Professional Standards of PolyAsset and SAMT AG is tested annually for compliance with fiduciary obligations to its investors by a recognized auditing firm.

The "SAMT" brand is registered as a European word brand in the EU Trade Mark register under the Nice Classification 36, 41 ( for finance and electronic publishing ) and protected by European and Swiss laws.

SAMT AG core is using Proven Scientific Models
is run by the owners completly Independent
and provides high level Wealth Management for a fair price

This is what our customer think about SAMT AG
( Strategic Asset Management and Trust )


We have successfully developed many free diversified ETF portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with stars based on reviews.

SAMT AG Bleicheplatz 4, 8200 Schaffhausen, Switzerland +41 44 505 1169

We have successfully developed many free diversified portfolios for our customers and they are more then happy and rated our service with 5.00 from 5 stars based on 10 Reviews.

Our Management Team

  • Expert on financial modelling and risk analysis
  • Has worked years as commodity trading advisor and hedge fund office manager
  • Holds Ph.D. in Economics
  • Specialist for fundamental investment strategies
  • Over 13 years of Asset Management experience
  • Has studied Economics

Our Mission: Helping the World to Invest Better

We founded this site to fight on the side of the individual investor. and to empower him to take better financial decisions. Financial markets contain a lot of pitfalls and traps but we provide true free and independent advise to individual investors. We do not take any provisions or payments. Seriously.

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  • Address: Bleicheplatz 4 , 8200 Schaffhausen, Schweiz
  • Phone: +41 43 508 404 7
  • Email: [email protected]

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday 11am to 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday by arrangement