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Swiss offshore company and Licensebox USR III rules

What is an Offshore Company?

To understand what Offshore Company is, first it is important to understand what is offshore? Offshore is anything that is based or located outside the national boundaries of an individual. Offshore is a term which is used to explain the corporations, foreign banks, deposits and investments. An Offshore Company are type of company that is functional with the main purpose of avoiding tax.

What is the purpose of Swiss Offshore Company?

Swiss accounts are the often used by the elite class of the world to keep their money out of sight and reach of their country’s government. The common purpose of Swiss Offshore Company that people are familiar with is for evasion of tax. The investors want to keep their money in a stable country like Switzerland especially if there is economic instability in their own company. Swiss Offshore Company is an opportunity for people to invest internationally without worrying about the economy collapsing or the government of your country seizing it. A major misconception about the Swiss Offshore Company is that it is legal to have one. It is not illegal to keep Swiss Offshore Company unless it is for avoiding tax or is a case of money laundering.