According to some older definitions commodities are agriculture or raw materials but nowadays the term commodity is used synonym to Futures. Typical Commodity categories are metals (like Gold, Silver, Copper, Platin, Palladium, Iron Ore, Aluminum and others), softs (agricultural products or livestock such as corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, rice, soybeans, soymeal, cattle, milk, butter, potato and pork and others), energy (like natural gas, crude oil, electricity, heating oil, gasoline), interest rate contracts (all kind of bonds like T-Bill, EuroBonds, Gilts, ...) forex (currencies like Euro or USD against a basket of currencies), indices (like FDax, DowJones, S&P500 and others) and special categories like volatility futures or even emission or weather futures.

Many Commodities have seasonal pattern. The picture above shows the seasonal pattern of Heating Oil, the price increases in winter and gets lower in summer. The same is true for many softs like corn, wheat or cattle. They get harvested at on a specific point of time and are available in huge amounts. The seasonal as well as other patterns can be used to predict price movements of Futures.

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